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“You made the process so very easy for me, speaking with the mechanic to figure out the best way to handle my repair and you even paid the shop for me.” - Brian B.

“My Audi’s torque converter went. The repair shop called in and your company covered almost the entire repair!” - Ricky

“The whole repair was about $1,000.00 worth of work and you paid $939.51 of it” - Allison D.

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Why do I need a vehicle service contract?

The reality is that even if you have the most reliable and best-manufactured vehicle on the market, someday it is going to break down. Even a mechanical breakdown or a relatively minor defect can cost a fortune. By buying a coverage plan, you protect the investment you made in your car. When something breaks down, you just have to pay the low deductible and let us handle the rest. In many cases, a vehicle service contract can pay for itself in one car repair.

What is a vehicle service contract?

A vehicle service contract, commonly referred to as an extended auto warranty, is just what it sounds like: an extension above and beyond the coverage offered by your manufacturer or dealer. When you purchase a new, and sometimes used vehicle, chances are it came with a protection plan – a guarantee, from the dealer or manufacturer, that your vehicle would stay in a working condition for a given period of time or a certain number of miles. While this protection comes is undoubtedly beneficial, unfortunately, most of the costly breakdowns and repairs happen after the original warranty has run out. That is where a vehicle service contract comes in. By protecting your vehicle early on, you can protect yourself from high repair costs.

Do I need a vehicle service contract if I am still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

Your vehicle’s original manufacturer warranty will eventually expire over time, but you can protect your vehicle for much longer by purchasing extended coverage. Many of these policies can pay for themselves in one repair, but will continue to protect your car far beyond that. It is cheaper to buy a service contract early in the life of your vehicle. Service contracts begin after the manufacturer’s warranty expire. To get the absolute lowest price, and to avoid interruption in coverage, you should buy an extended coverage early. In this case, the earlier you purchase, the better. The more coverage you have left on the original warranty plan, the less you have to pay for extended protection plan.

How do I use my service contract?

All you have to do is take your vehicle to your dealer or any ASE certified repair facility and give them your Service Contract ID card and they can call the Toll-Free number and start a claim. If your vehicle gets a flat tire, runs out of gas, or breaks down all you have to do is call our Roadside Assistance number and no matter where you are in the United States or Canada, we will dispatch help right away. If the issue with your car can not be repaired on the spot, we will help you get it to a repair shop of your choice.

Can I cancel my service contract at any time?

Every plan we sell comes with a full 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Our return policy is simple. We consider your first 30 days a “review period.” Take the time to read through your policy and discuss it with your spouse, family members, or trusted mechanic. We’re confident that you – like so many other Americans – will be happy and satisfied with your coverage. But if you decide – for any reason – that this isn’t for you, simply contact customer service.

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